Come and join us for 4 days of learning about audio recording. Our instructors will guide you through the major steps of the recording process including microphone techniques, placement for optimal sound, tracking, overdubbing, mixing and editing. A professional band will be on hand for students to record during their studio session time. However, students who are brave enough are also encouraged to bring along their instruments as well. The cost for the camp is very reasonable compared with other summer workshops of this nature.

  • AUDIO PRODUCTION:  July 10-13, 2017  –  10am to 2pm –  Register  –  $250



Come and join us for 4 days of Photography excitement! Students will start with the basics of lighting and camera operation, learn how to use basic principles of design to produce more stunning images, and use Adobe Photoshop / Gimp to edit images in post. Students will walk away with a solid understanding of the photographic process and a portfolio of stunning images.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY:  July 10-13, 2017  –  10am to 2pm –  Register  –  $250



The Academy For Media Production’s Educator Workshops are designed to help teachers achieve student outcomes.  Our workshops start with the basics and quickly move to advanced skills. In addition to acquiring the hands-on skills, participants will receive course objectives, outlines and project ideas for their students. For more information, please complete the “Register” link in the event listed above and complete the form. Classes are held at our campus located in McSherrystown, PA. (click here for directions)

  1. The Script, Storyboard & Shotlist
  2. Camera Stabilizers and techniques
  3. Video Lighting
  4. Audio for Video
  5. Adobe Premiere Pro / iMovie
  6. Video export formats
  • DSLR VIDEO PRODUCTION:  July 17-19, 2017  –  9am to 3pm –  Register  –  $590
Educator’s PHOTOGRAPHY Outline
  1. The DSLR camera: Features & Functions
  2. Exposure Modes from Auto to Manual
  3. Compositional techniques
  4. Flash: Strobes to Speedlights – Studio to Location
  5. Lightroom & Photoshop
  6. Printing
  • PHOTOGRAPHY:  July 24-26, 2017  –  9am to 3pm  –  Register  –  $590
Educator’s AUDIO Outline
  1. Acoustics and Isolation
  2. Microphone types & uses (dynamic, condenser, ribbon)
  3. Preamps
  4. Audio interface
  5. DAW
  6. Midi
  7. Basic Recording Process (basic tracks & overdubs)
  8. Mixing (EQ, dynamic processing, compression, limiting)
  9. Time-based procession (reverb, chorus, delay, phasing & flanging)
  • AUDIO PRODUCTION:  July 24-26, 2017  – 9am to 3pm  –  Register  –  $590

Fall Classes

  • Monday September 11, 2017
  • AMP welcomes students from across the country for our Fall classes.  Both full and part time classes are available.

Open House

  • Saturday Nov 11, 2017 from 10am to 1pm
  • To register, click here: Register