Collin Bricker – Class of 2016

What is your job title and what are your job duties?
Currently, my job title is Audio Visual Technician. That’s a pretty broad title when you consider all the duties I take on. Some days I could be working with a touring audio/video company assisting them with a load in, while other days I could be the tech in charge of running audio or video. Also, I run a video switcher for Mecum Auto Auction’s YouTube live broadcast. I assemble LED video walls and control the video feed for them as well. Additional duties include managing and leading stagehands. As a touring tech you need to be able to think of the “big picture” of a production, and managing stagehands efficiently ensures that all your duties can get done faster and with ease.

What are some of the things you like best about this job?
I get to travel and see the country. I have been to over 13 major cities throughout the United States this year including Kissimmee, FL where I worked at a New Year’s event. Traveling and meeting others in this industry leads to networking opportunities.

When starting a career, it is crucial to be as ambitious as possible, like volunteering to be the first in and the last out and trying to learn as much as possible. I am incredibly thankful to have a job where that isn’t as much a task as it is fun and interesting.

How do you see yourself using your Audio Production skills in the future?
In my near future, I see myself being the A1(lead audio) for Mecum Auto Auction. With a background in audio, I foresee a smooth transition from my current position on the tour into lead audio. Aside from my main gig, I would like to continue down the right path and land a full-time position within a production company.

Aside from audio production, I have sparked a great interest in video production throughout my time working under the V1(lead video) on Mecum. I will keep my eyes peeled for video openings. If you have been to a medium to large scale concert production these days chances are you saw a video wall there. Where there is a video wall, there is a video guy. Job Opp.!

How did your education at AMP prepare you for this job?
The Academy for Media Production prepared me for my job in multiple ways, but two things stick out to me. One of them being experience working with professionals and good talent in the studio. When surrounded by that environment it forces you to step up to the plate, which ultimately gives you confidence in your craft. Second, learning the basics of audio gifts you with a great vocabulary to communicate and work with professionals in the industry.

What is your fondest memory of AMP?
I’d have to say the best memory of AMP is staying after class and having a studio to myself. Those were great times. Just messing around with effects & getting an ear for how different microphones respond.

What advice would you give to a student who is considering pursuing the Recording & Sound Technology field?
If you are seriously thinking about pursuing an education in the audio field, you have to be committed. You get what you put into it. It doesn’t stop after you receive the diploma, so you have to be persistent. For instance, I landed my first job with a sound company simply by walking up to guys loading production gear into a truck outside of a theatre and asked to talk to the Front of House Engineer. From there I received their company card, kept in contact and the rest is history.

Contact: Facebook @ Collin Bricker

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