Derek Miller – Class of 2015

What is your job title and what are your job duties?
I am a freelance photographer. My job duties go far beyond just taking photographs.  Everyday tasks are scheduling, marketing, retouching photographs, updating my website, emailing & calling clients, invoicing and prepping for future shoots.

What are some of the things you like best about this job?
Nothing is more rewarding than creating a name for yourself and doing something you love everyday. I could list a million reasons why I love photography but if I had to list a few I would say it’s a never ending learning process. I love learning new things and experimenting with light. I enjoy challenging myself and watching my work progress over time. I have also met so many great people during my career already. Making your own schedule can be nice as well.

How do you see yourself using your photography skills in the future?
I see myself doing better and continuing to work hard with building my craft and educating myself to advance my skills in the field. I always strive to be better. I also see myself continuing to photograph portraits of people due to the fact that I enjoy meeting and working with others.

How did your education at AMP prepare you for this job?
I give AMP so much credit for where I am today! I couldn’t have had better instructors. They are very well educated and know the photography field better than anyone I know. They are the reason why I am so technical with my photography today. I know more about the photography field than what some of my friends do that went to a 4 year university. The crazy thing is I learned all of it within six months. Not only do you learn how to be a successful photographer but you learn the business of photography as well. I now run a very successful photography business. I have been in numerous magazines and achieved many goals since my graduation.

What is your fondest memory of AMP?
My fondest memory of AMP is the friendships I have made with people who enjoy the same things I do. We didn’t just learn from our instructors, we learned from each other which helped us grow as artists so much faster.

What advice would you give to a student who is considering pursuing the photography field?
If you love photography and you know in your heart that you couldn’t see yourself doing anything else with your life then go for it and NEVER GIVE UP. You will get discouraged and worry about being successful but if you push yourself and work hard I promise you will be rewarded. The photography field is a saturated field so you need to make sure you are always working on your craft to stand out from others.
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