Photography Program

One of the programs Academy For Media Production offers is the Photography and Video Production Program. Photography is one aspect of this program. As a photography and video production student, you will be surrounded and inspired by other motivated, talented, and creative students. At Academy For Media Production, our experienced staff challenges our students to work harder than ever before, in order to provide the opportunity for success in the future doing what our students’ love.

You may ask, do I really need to go to a photography school to get adequate schooling? In order to have a successful photography career, it takes hard work, perseverance and talent. At Academy For Media Production, our students are dedicated to learning the craft of photography. Our photography program gives students the opportunity to develop their photography portfolios. In a competitive photography job market, hands-on experience and educated offered at Academy For Media Production can help further your success in photography.

Here are some of the skills you will gain in our Photography Program:

  • Camera Features & Functions
  • Characteristics of Light
  • Exposure Control
  • Digital Editing & Asset Management
  • Landscape & Nature Photography
  • Architecture Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Studio Lighting for Portraits
  • Studio Lighting for Production
  • Wedding Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Commercial Product Photography
  • Photography Studio Management and Marketing
  • Business Communications

Student portfolio images from the class of 2015-2016.