Alumni Spotlight

Denise Baboukis - Class of 2017

I currently have two internships, the first is with Spin Recording Studios where I assist with set up/clean up of sessions. For my second I am a radio host on with Mark Mendoza from Twisted Sister.

Axel Hartman - Class of 2017

I am a Freelance Videographer. I’m a hunting videographer, social media manager, wedding videographer and video editor. Since I run my own business my duties don’t stop there.

Justin Kollars - Class of 2016

I am an Audio Engineer, Producer, and Owner of a music studio called The Shed located in Aspers Pennsylvania. I have the privilege of recording music for a living.

Collin Bricker - Class of 2016

Currently my job title is Audio Visual Technician. That’s a pretty broad title when you consider all the duties I take on. Some days I could be working with a touring audio/video company assisting them with a load in, while other days I could be the tech in charge of running audio or video.

Bradley Stephens - Class of 2016

My job title is Sound and Lighting Technician at SpiritSound Production Services. Some of my duties include setting up and tearing down sound and lighting equipment for shows and events.

Grace Crawford - Class of 2016

I work at a small production company as a Digital Marketing Strategist. I develop, market, and manage all of the social media accounts for our clients. I currently have 7 clients, including a law firm, creamery, coffee shop, local grocery store and more.

Camie Laughman - Class of 2016

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer. As a photographer and business owner, it is my responsibility to market, contact clients, edit, and maintain an updated digital portfolio/website at all times.

Donnie Dahlen - Class of 2015

I currently run my own business, Donnie Dahlen Photography.  Along with running my own business, I also assist for a fashion photographer and an Interior/Architecture photographer.

Tess Kongkeattikul - Class of 2015

My title is Studio Photographer. My duties at ItemMaster are to photograph products for marketing and planograms. The marketing images are used for companies, such as Giant, to use on their website and advertisements.

Derek Miller - Class of 2015

I am a freelance photographer. My job duties go far beyond just taking photographs. Everyday tasks are scheduling, marketing, retouching photographs, updating my website, emailing & calling clients, invoicing and prepping for future shoots.

Byron Morrison - Class of 2013

I own and operate ROK10 Productions, an audio production studio based in downtown Lancaster, PA. In running my own business, I tend to wear many hats.