Our Recording & Sound Technology Program teaches students the skills and techniques they need to know to be an audio industry professional. Quality sound work is the backbone of modern media; when good audio is missing, it greatly diminishes the production quality of any product.  As a recording and sound student, you will train with motivated, determined classmates under industry professionals, as you learn to produce excellent music and pristine field audio.


Course 1: Audio Fundamentals, Recording and Acoustics

  • Characteristics of sound waves and how the human ear perceives sound.
  • Microphones types and their applications.
  • The multi-track recording process.
  • Basic electronic signal flow.

Course 2: Digital Audio Technology

  • Terminology and functions of digital audio.
  • Differentiate between analog and digital audio signals.
  • MIDI keyboards and other electronic instruments.
  • Create and edit basic audio tracks on a computer.

Course 3: Practical Recording Techniques & Basic Live Sound

  • Selection of microphones as applicable to live performances.
  • Mixing/monitoring consoles and public address systems as applicable to live performances.
  • Audio cable assembly and repair.

Course 4: Production and Recording Concepts

  • Studio personnel and their roles.
  • Independent lab – recording session.
  • The multi-track recording, mixing and editing process.
  • Signal processing devices.

Course 5: Business Communications

  • Developing a professional resume and cover letter and know how to tailor it to the job.
  • Job search strategies.
  • Business documents including: sales & order forms, model releases, and contracts.
  • Finding an attorney, tax accountant, and insurance agent for the audio engineer – recording studio.
  • Social media marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Youtube.
  • Web Design for the audio engineer.
  • Sales strategies including: Phone etiquette, Open-ended questioning, and Appointment Scheduling.

Course 6: Student Final Project/Audio Portfolio

  • Independent final recording session.
  • Mix & edit the final recording session.
  • Using the web to upload audio files.