The Academy for Media Production (AMP) offers three areas of media production: Audio, Photography, and Video Production. Our Diploma programs offer the most comprehensive training that prepares the student with absolutely everything they need to pursue a career in their chosen field. In addition, we offer shorter certificate programs that focus on acquiring a specific set of skills.

Photography and DSLR Video (Diploma)

AMP's dual major Photography and DSLR Video Production diploma program is perfect for jobs in digital media. We emphasize both commercial and portrait photography so graduates are equipped to gain employment or land contract work. Video classes equip the student with strong skills in Pre-production: story development, script-writing, storyboards & shot lists; Production: camera features & settings, cinematic shots, lighting, audio for film; Post-Production: editing, color-grading, synchronization and much more.

Professional Photography (Certificate)

The Academy for Media Production’s Professional Photography Certificate is designed to give each student a solid foundation in still photography. Our focus is on training for a career, therefore we emphasize the commercial and portrait skills that are needed to enter this field.

Recording & Sound Technology (Diploma)

The Academy For Media Production is currently the only private licensed audio production school in the state of Pennsylvania. Our college-level diploma program offers the same amount of audio training as most 4-year colleges, but at a fraction of the price.

Professional DSLR Video (Certificate)

The Academy For Media Production's Professional DSLR Video Certificate offers everything you need to begin a career in this exciting field. Areas covered include: Pre-Production, story development, script-writing, storyboards & shot lists; Production: camera operation & settings, lighting, audio for video; Post-Production: editing, color grading, synchronization, and much more.