Our Photography & DSLR Video Program teaches students the foundational skills of photography and digital video production, ensuring a well-rounded, marketable skillset that affords students job opportunities in both fields. Visual content creation is a universal, highly-profitable industry, and such content has never been in higher demand than it is today. As a Photo/Video student, you will be surrounded and inspired by other motivated, talented, and artistic students as you learn everything there is to know about a camera, and the countless creative things you can do with it.


It is difficult to consider how often the average person is affected by still images. Photography is crucial to every commercial industry in existence, as well as social media’s integration into the personal lives of billions the world over.

Consumers are gaining access to increasingly powerful means of capturing their own lives with cameras; however, despite how accessible photography has become, professional photography is on a different level. By studying lighting, subject composition, and Photoshop post-production, our students learn that the perfect shot starts and ends with a well-trained eye for excellence; by developing that eye, an artist can turn their hobby into a lifelong career.


YouTube. Netflix. Hulu. Facebook. Instagram.

Video is everywhere. Despite a lot of content being recorded on smart phones nowadays, careers are built on expertise in video production. Whether they dream of working in Hollywood films, online content creation, or commercial videography for local businesses, our students prepare for such careers through hands-on application of the fundamentals of moving images.

Students learn the entire process: pre-production scriptwriting, on-set video production, audio production for video, and post-production editing. Every hit TV show, major motion picture, or social media star has a crew of video production experts behind them; our students study everything they need to join that team, or create something entirely their own.


PH101: Photography Fundamentals

  • Identify historical events in the development of the photographic process
  • Identify iconic images and the photographers who took them
  • Understand the features and functions of the Digital SLR camera
  • Understand the lighting & composition that goes into capturing a professional quality photograph
  • Understand the functions of Adobe Lightroom

PH102: Studio Lighting Concepts

  • Light and how to obtain desired results using the studio and on-camera flash.
  • Lighting patterns and lighting ratios.
  • Application of lighting techniques used in a variety of professional photographic jobs.

PH103: Digital Editing & Asset Management

  • Understand basic & advanced features of Adobe Photoshop
  • Understand the digital photo printing process

PH104: DSLR Video Production

  • Understand basic & advanced HD video capabilities of the digital SLR camera
  • Capture high-quality audio to be used in the video
  • Apply the editing functions of Adobe Premiere Pro to both video and audio tracks to produce a professional video.

PH105: Business Communications & Portfolio Development

  • Develop a professional resume and cover letter and know how to tailor it to the company.
  • Navigate the web to search and apply for job opportunities.
  • Understand image licensing and product pricing.
  • Produce custom business documents including: sales & order forms, model releases, and contracts.
  • Understand the importance of the attorney, tax accountant, and insurance agent.
  • Utilize social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Youtube.
  • Design a professional website.
  • Demonstrate professional phone etiquette, open-ended questioning, and appointment scheduling.
  • Describe Needs Satisfaction vs. Value Added sales.
Required Equipment: (tbd)