Students attending AMP have multiple options for securing financing to attend our programs:

Adams County National Bank (ACNB):

Students living in Adams County, PA and the surrounding counties – including the northern central counties of MD – can apply for the “Student Line of Credit” available through ACNB. This student line of credit is based on the credit score of the signer or co-signer, and offers a competitive interest rate. Students can borrow an amount to cover the cost of all tuition, equipment and living expenses. Students can apply for this line of credit by clicking below.

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AMP Internal Financial Plan:

For those who either cannot get approved for a bank loan, or have the funds to pay a program's tuition directly, AMP offers an internal financial plan designed to fit most budgets.

For more information about these and other programs, please contact our offices at

Vocational Rehabilitation – State

AMP is an approved training program through your local county office of vocational rehabilitation (OVR) programs.  To find your local office click here.

Veterans Affairs GI Bill & Voc-Rehab – Military

AMP is a VA approved program.  Military benefits from the GI Bill and Voc-Rehab can be used toward tuition.

Student Housing

AMP’s housing assistance helps students acquire suitable housing and roommates while attending the school. AMP provides students with publications and private listings of apartments in the local area. In addition, our housing list provides other students with important information to help make solid roommate choices. Students are also encouraged to use online housing listings, including

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