Justin Kollars – Class of 2016

1. What is your job title and what are your job duties?

I am an Audio Engineer, Producer, and Owner of a music studio called The Shed located in Aspers Pennsylvania. I have the privilege of recording music for a living.

2. What are some things you like best about this job?

Some of the things I like best about my job are that I look forward to going to work each day, I can be hands-on with my creativity, every day is something different, and I am my own boss.

3. How do you see yourself using your audio engineering skills in the future?

I see myself using my audio engineering skills in the future by continuing to be in a studio environment, but I am also open to what other opportunities may arise.

4. How did your education at AMP prepare you for this job?

My education at AMP helped to prepare me for this job by laying a solid foundation of my skills and understanding of audio. My time at AMP was what helped give me the push I needed to be where I’m at today with my audio career.

5. What is your fondest memory at AMP?

My fondest memory of AMP is the relationships I built throughout the time I was attending the program.

6. What advice would you give to a student who is considering pursuing the audio engineering field?

My advice to a student who is considering pursuing the audio engineering field would be to make sure that you’re passionate about what you’re going to pursue because it’s passion that will fuel the motivation for you to succeed.

You can stay connected with everything going on at my studio by following my Facebook page at:


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